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July 26th, 2016 by J

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Just when you thought you’ve seen all about hot and feisty Rose McGowan, here’s another hardcore leaked video where she’s enjoying wild fem dom action with her naughty naked slave. She makes him lick her shoes and feet because this makes her so wet and horny.

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March 20th, 2016 by J

I guess most of you will remember Rose McGowan as one of the hot and sexy witches of the TV series Charmed. There’s not an episode that she looked like one of those creepy witches on fairy tale books with crooked nose and hunch-backed. She’s actually a breath of fresh air when she was cast in replacement of lead actress Shannen Doherty. With her unique beauty but same equally fine body like the rest of her co-stars, Rose is one of those actresses who we could call a legend in the sexiest females of all time department. From dark comedy films, to romance and comedy or even action-packed movies, Rose McGowan is the choice for such roles. But we shouldn’t forget that with every successful artist there is something hidden, a secret weapon if you will, which makes them the sought after personalities that they are. Sometimes they need not expose whatever this is but some simply can’t help but share to every single person on the planet, just what they’ve been up to. This video is so far from what you’ve imagined her to be when we say she enjoys sex.

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She doesn’t just enjoy it, she’s a hardcore mess whenever she’s in for a wild orgy. There’s no hocus pocus here, it’s really just her own naughty self going gaga sucking on various sizes of cocks and getting plowed deep and hard by them at the same time. Plus, she ain’t just doing this as the sole lady of the event. She’s got her slutty bitches to share her activities with. It’s been said that this is how she spends time while chilling with some of her personal assistants. And you will see just how they enjoy each other’s company by blowing stiff cocks and spreading those legs to get banged. They take turns on each dick of course, to have a taste of them all. Plus, after the hot head and exhausting fuck fest, Rose and her girls get a ton of sticky jizz all over their body, making a huge mess just like getting the best bukkake they’ll ever experience. Like I said, exhausting, as they will be getting stuffed pretty good by more than two horny men and all of them have the hots to make them scream and will only stop until they get these stretched cunts creamed. Watch and enjoy this hardcore gangbang.

Rose McGowan’s On-Set Sex Scandal With Robert Rodriguez

June 20th, 2010 by rose

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As if there isn’t enough onscreen sex in the movie, Grindhouse; Rose McGowan had a steamy affair with her married director, Robert Rodriguez during the filming of the movie. “They were going off to his trailer, having meals together,” says an on-set source. “Rose thought some of the crew were treating her differently, and the attitude was, like, well what do you expect when you’re fucking the director?”

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Robert Rodriguez’s wife of 16 years, Elizabeth Avellan, kick the director out to the curb upon finding out about the affair. The wife also happens to be one of the producers of Grindhouse, she and Robert Rodriguez have four children. Rose McGowan and Robert Rodriguez very much enjoyed fucking each other’s brains out on the set that they decided to collaborate again on the movie Red Sonja when the filming of Grindhouse was finished.

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